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Welcome to Huaxia Nephropathy Research Institute
Huaxia Nephropathy Research Institute accepted the first international patient from Indonesia in june 2005. In the past 9 years, thousands of patients form around 100 countiries came to our hospital to treat their Kidney Diseases.
Seven Characteristics, Characteristic Therapies ,Top-class Equipment, Characteristic Medicines,Great Therapeutic Effect , Large Scale,Virtuous Experts Team,Long History
Kidney Disease Cause. How do we think about Disease? According to numerous clinical practice, our experts find: 1. Kidney Disease are the results of toxin damage. 2. Persistent damage of toxins is the reason why disease cannot be well treated.
Blood toxins and kidney disease .What is the relationship between blood toxin with disease?
Kidney disease is caused by inflammation and cellular proliferation caused by blood toxins. The dirty blood passes through kidneys, damaging renal tissue and leading to various kidney diseases.
Characteristic treatments: blood purification and detoxification .Use medicines to detox the blood rather than NSAIDs.
Non- allopathy treatment, restore clean blood.
Three characteristics of hematocatharsis.
Characteristic medicines  2. Direct treatment for lesion  3 Protect Qi.
Four-one treatment: the major components.
● One bottle of Maikang Mixture
● One dosage of Oral Chinese Medicine
● External Application of chinese medicine
● One basin of Foot Bath
Seven Therapies .
The seven therapies are to support the curative effect of “Four-one treatment”.
colon dialysis, acupoint compression, acupuncture, inunction, medicated bath, medicinal moxibustion, fumigation and steaming therapy
Unique Medicines .
Unique medicines according to patients' illness condition  
Grass of gorse, dissolving, yam, golden cicada flowers, old man grass, snow lotus, centella asiatica.
Interventional Therapy. Interventional Therapy= Non Invasive Surgery. No Surgery, Littel Tissue Damage, Rapid Recovery, High Curative Effect.
Experts. In Huaxia Nephropathy Research Institute, Nephrologists have their own specialties and you can find one to help you. The following is a brief introducation about them. You can absolutely trust our team!
Service of Huaxia Nephropathy Research Institute. 1. Consultation service. 2. Visa, Invitation letter service. 3. Shuttle servie 4. hospitalization service. 5. satisfying curative effect service. 6. Accompay service. 7. Translation service. 8. Follow-up service.