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Treatments in Huaxia Nephropathy Institute

Treatments here are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Unlike over-the-counter medicine, dialysis or kidney transplant, our treatment can solve the underlying problems. That brings kidney disease patients a new and better life.

Chinese Medicine Inunction

Chinese Medicine Inunction is created to draw out pathogenic factors in blood vessels. It is such a treatment that crushes Chinese medicines, smears them on different body parts according to various diseases, and draws out different toxins from blood vessels with different medicines.

This therapy is based on exact diagnosis

An exact diagnosis can determine cycle and find the reactive area of disease on the skin via meridian theory and palpation. Then, special Chinese medicines are used to draw gyrate cycles on the reactive area. Finally, toxins are eliminated from the body via skin.

How does Chinese Medicine Inunction treat kidney disease?

As we all know, one important kidney function is to cleanse the blood and remove waste products and toxins from the body. When kidneys are damaged, they are unable to cleanse the blood normally. From the above analysis, we can know Chinese Medicine Inunction can help draw out pathogenic factors.

Then, fever, red rash, thermal pain, sweating, poor appetite, pale skin, black spots, tinnitus, diarrhea, and so on.

Administration of Inunction

Once per day, draw gyrate cycles on each of reactive areas five times, circle clockwise in cold diseases whereas counterclockwise in heat diseases. 4-8 hours later, take a bath with warm water and wash the cycles. Short course of treatment for seven days, and long course of treatment for 49 days.

Notice of Chinese Medicine Inunction

When patients accept this therapy, they should pay attention to the following aspects.

- If patients have allergic skin, sensitive physique and traumatic diabrosis or they are pregnant, they are suggested to avoid this therapy.

- Keep warm and do not open air-conditioning in summer.

- Do not retain cycle overtime, otherwise skin will be damaged.