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Treatments in Huaxia Nephropathy Institute

Treatments here are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Unlike over-the-counter medicine, dialysis or kidney transplant, our treatment can solve the underlying problems. That brings kidney disease patients a new and better life.

Enema Therapy

Enema Therapy of Chinese medicine is one important method of external application of Chinese medicine. For kidney disease patients, Enema Therapy is able to help diseased kidneys to remove toxins and waste products. Therefore, it can help improve patients’ overall health condition.

An overview of Enema Therapy

This therapy uses medicine liquid of Chinese herbal medicine and and use high retention-enema to drain pathogenic factors of toxic turbidity. This therapy has been proven to have good effect on treating various diseases such as constipation, intestinal diseases, uremia, bronchial asthma, and so on. For kidney disease patients, enema therapy can cleanse their blood and protect kidneys from further damage.

Administration of Enema Therapy

Prepare 100ml to 500ml of decoction, and make patients keep prostrate posture and raise the hip for at least 1 hour. In order to achieve the therapeutic effects, the treatment should last about 10 days and suspend it for 4 day. This is one course of treatment. According to patients’ illness condition, doctors will determine how many courses patients should take.

The effects of Enema Therapy

In clinic, many Chinese medicines such as concha ostreae, rhubarb, dandelion, liquorice, and so on, may be used in enema therapy. It can help achieve the following effects:

* Easing constipation

* Lowering high creatinine and urea level

* Alleviating swelling

* Protecting the remaining kidney functioning tissues

* Improving patients’ energy


* Enema can’t be used when clysis fluid is compounding.

* Doctors should operate gently.

* Patients' privacy should be protected, so screen or curtain is needed.