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Treatments in Huaxia Nephropathy Institute

Treatments here are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Unlike over-the-counter medicine, dialysis or kidney transplant, our treatment can solve the underlying problems. That brings kidney disease patients a new and better life.

Foot Bath with Herbal Fluid

Foot Bath with herbal fluid is one of support kidney disease treatments in Huaxia Nephropathy Research Institute. Foot bath has been in an important position in our ancient China. Nowadays, we do use it to treat kidney diseases by stimulating original Qi in the kidney meridian and achieve the great curative effect.

The mechanism of the Foot Bath

Actually, skin is the biggest organ in our body which is endowed with numerous functions. Except for excretion, feeling, protect our body, etc, it also has the function of absorption. What’s more there are also many key acupoints on our foot. The process of treating kidney disease by Foot Bath is based on these functions.

Medicines in Foot Bath

In order to guarantee the curative effects, we do mainly use “Decoct Medicines”, which can help warm meridians, expel cold as well as invigorate blood and dredge collaterals.

Pain should be treated with medicines that expel cold and stop pain; cold disease should be treated with medicines that warm and tonify kidney yang; heat disease should be treated with medicines that clear heat and cool blood; Insomnia should be treated with medicines that tonify heart to tranquilize mind; Blood stasis should be treated with medicines that invigorate blood and dissolve phlegm.

Functions of the treatment

1. It can help promote patients' blood circulation obviously, which can guarantee the blood circulation smooth and unhindered.

2. It can help improve patients' sleeping and eliminate fatigue.

3. It has obvious effect in regulating blood pressure and improving patients’ metabolism by promoting the excretion of hormones.

4. It will reduce the risk of getting other diseases like leg cramps, rheumatoid arthritis, varicosity, edema of lower limbs, and so on if people keeping having foot bath therapy.


Not all kidney disease patients can use the treatment, if patients are in the following status, they are not allowed to use the foot bath.

1. People who have severe bleeding.

2. Patients who are in high-strung nerve state.

3. People who have inflammation in their feet.

4. People who have heart disease.

5. Women who is in her menstrual period and gestation period.

To know whether you can take Foot Bath with herbal liquid or not, please do feel free to contact our Online Doctor or email to huaxiahospital@hotmail.com, we are always here to help you!